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Hi, I'm 

I've spent over 20 years studying and practicing techniques which transform the mind, body, and spirit. My roots began as a yoga instructor, which then moved me to becoming a specialist in Network Spinal (where I hold a doctorate in chiropractic). My 10+ years as a chiropractor, transformational healer and coach led me to specifically study all aspects of the Feminine... her wiring, her expression, her spirituality. 


I have been a catalyst for the transformation of hundreds of women from all aspects of life. From CEOs to performers, from medical doctors to stay-at-home-moms, from designers to teachers, I’ve helped women rise up into the next level of their expression, joy, and fulfillment.

I am a mother, wife, business owner, feminist, friend, creatrix, activist, and community builder. Nothing gives me greater joy than witnessing a woman rise. I am a champion and sister to all women.

About The Shine Center

The Shine Center was born in 2007 out of a desire to create a beautiful space for transformation and healing in my community. In addition to providing Network Care, I’ve held and hosted countless gatherings, workshops and community events.

The Shine Sisterhood

It is my mission and purpose to create a tribe of women who are empowered through their commitment to turn-on, pleasure and joy. Through monthly Shine Sisterhood Gatherings, Movement Classes, Retreats and more, I bring women together to rise and claim more for their lives.