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Cultivating Pleasure

Hello Gorgeous,

It's been so long. Too long! I feel like I have this secret I want to share with you… and it’s all about feeling good.

A woman's wellbeing amplifies when she engages in a practice of what I call "cultivating pleasure."

Cultivating pleasure is to actively grow your awareness of what pleases you. To actively turn your attention to what senses come alive at any given time. To savor moments of sensory delights.

Why is cultivating pleasure important? Because our senses are one of our feminine superpowers.

Too much of our time is spent focused on what we DON'T like, what we DON'T approve of, what we DON'T want. (The underbelly of these negative thoughts go hand-in-hand with themes of disempowerment and victimization. Yuck!)

When we choose to respond positively to what is around us… when we enjoy what we see, what we hear, what we feel, what we taste… we trigger a release of dopamine into our system. This neurochemical response in our brains is our body’s way of saying YES! Yes to what I'm experiencing! Yes to what I'm creating! Yes to my life! Yes to ME!

In the bigger picture, this is a pathway to personal power. We are able to be in more alignment with our choices, raise our standards, and claim MORE!

A game I like to play with friends is to banter back and forth about what pleases us. (Of course, it doesn’t take long before we overlap with each other, and our lists of pleasures grow exponentially!)

Here’s an example from a recent conversation with a friend:

“I love hearing the sound of the ocean!’

“I love the feel of fresh sheets on my skin!”

“I feel so full when I see my children happy!”

“I love a great view with a well-curated dinner!”

“I love witnessing all beings new in their bodies: babies, puppies, kittens, little otters... all the littles!”

“I love looking at peonies in full bloom!”

I invite you to practice this art of with a friend, a lover, or family member during your next walk or chat. Shower yourselves in feel-good hormones. See how much pleasure you can cultivate.


Dr. Liz

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