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Pray in a New Way

Hi Gorgeous,

I spent a lot of time in my 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s studying yoga and other physical practices to bring me closer to spirit, the Goddess, or whatever you want to call it. The mat became my altar space. The discipline of getting really quiet in my body worked for me. I was able to transmute many things into my teachings because of the practice, and I loved feeling the strength it gave me. And, after years of this practice, I felt something was missing.

I began to develop a deeper relationship to the feminine. I knew she was wilder, deeper, and a little less tamed than what my mat was holding for me.

I found a new way to pray. I began to use sensual movement and dance for prayer. For ruptures. For celebration. To find myself when I’m empty. To bring myself home when I’m scared.

I’ve always known on a deep level that women are sacred, holy creatures. Throughout my life I have had visitations from the Goddess that affirmed this. It is an understanding I have had before I knew what I know. And I also know the power of the patriarchy in all the ways it seeps in and dims a woman’s light. From shaming her body, silencing her voice, and paying her less than her male counterparts… it is insidious and wears on a woman’s soul. We acquiesce because the common hallucination of the culture is that women should accept a box to live in and crumbs to eat.

That is… unless we claim something different. Wildly different. This reclamation looks different for every woman. What I have seen from working with so many women over the years, is that once she meets herself in a new, more expanded way, she gets hungry for more. She taps into her wild, untamed nature and realizes she is HOT. And HOLY.

This energetic is a truth serum for the soul.

I invite you to put on something you feel super sexy and gorgeous in, and dance in front of a mirror. I invite you to dance in full celebration of yourself and your own beauty. I invite you to find a new way to pray.

With all my love,

Dr. Liz

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