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The Feminine Superpower

Hello Gorgeous,

Let’s be honest. We’ve got a lot of feelings to feel. Especially now. Some big ones. Some messy ones. Some REALLY uncomfortable ones.

While most of us have been conditioned to only express “acceptable” emotions, today is the day I invite you to start giving yourself permission to explore your emotional landscape with more authenticity and bravery. Why? Because your feelings are one of your superpowers.

Which ones do you feel on the regular? Which ones do you avoid? Do they feel overwhelming to you? Do you judge the ones that seem “weak” or “feminine”?

Our oh-so-wise emotion-full bodies are our template for our inner knowing. When we pause and take the time to listen to what she is telling us, we’ll find she never lies. She’ll tell us that our grief is worthy, our fears are just imaginary, and our disappointments are an opportunity to love ourselves more. She’ll teach us the power of forgiveness, brave vulnerability, and ecstatic joy, too.

What I’ve come to know after years of working with hundreds of women is that if we don’t know how to feel our emotions, we’ll experience a “dis-ease” of the mind, body, or spirit. Physical ailments, mental disturbances, and spiritual crises are very often related to one thing: emotions getting stuck.

I’d like to offer you a tool. Place your hands on your body and name what you are feeling. Get a vocabulary going to what’s going on inside of your emotional body. Are you feeling generous, intuitive, or magnetic? Sparkly, relieved, or enthusiastic? Resigned, hopeful, or scared? Critical? Frustrated? Soulfully inspired? Bored? Turned ON?!

How does it feel to acknowledge this feeling? Is it a new practice to get present to what is?

Full embodiment of our emotions is a sacred portal to our truth and power, both individually and collectively.

Feel sister, FEEL.


Dr. Liz

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