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The Secret Sauce to Power

Hello Gorgeous,

Today’s topic: Approval.

I don’t mean the seeking of approval outside of yourself… I mean the approval or disapproval that you give yourself all day long. The internal dialogue you might be having about, well, just about anything.

How does this show up?

We may disapprove of our choice to get extra sleep instead of working out or doing our morning rituals. We might disapprove of our choice to do something pleasurable versus working on our endless to-do lists. We might disapprove of how our bodies look or smell. What we said or didn’t say. Shoot, we might even disapprove of leaving the dishes in the sink overnight. It’s an insidious pathway to distrust ourselves and our choices. To over-apologize and diminish our glorious light.

What’s the road to recovery? Approving! Approving all over the place. Start small and notice where the disapproval starts, take a deep breath and let your inner goddess whisper in your ear “I approve of _____.” Then approve of the bigger things. Notice what happens in your body.

And then, I challenge you to give a nice juicy approval to your big disapprovals. The mistakes, the BIG messes, the disasters. Throw in some hip circles to turn yourself on. Notice what sensations arise when you hear yourself saying “Yes, I approve.” To all of it.

Notice how stepping into approval is stepping into your power. And power is sexy.


Dr. Liz

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