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When Your Crown Falls...

Hello Gorgeous,

Isn’t it amazing how we can be moving along in our life, enriched by our experiences, with the utmost trust in our path, feeling like the queens we are... and then BAM! Something happens that knocks our crown to the ground and leaves us standing in a pile of shame, guilt, embarrassment, self loathing, and unworthiness.

Has this ever happened to you? Can you relate to this?

Well, I had that exact experience recently. I made an honest mistake that rippled out to many in my community: my family, my friends, and my professional community as well. I could barely breathe as I sat in my discomfort, let alone find any compassion for my oh-so-human mistake. My shame was so deep. My self criticism could have torn a building down. I felt like the world’s biggest failure. And I was sure I was unworthy of anything good and definitely not lovable. I cried my eyes out to a friend in my helplessness.

After four days, I was finally able to move into the other side and observe all of the energies that had been at play. I had clarity to see how I had made up all kinds of stories as I put myself through the wringer… some I almost believed!

But then I got the juice.

I got the juice that my messy humanness is part of my glorious design. I got the juice that the experience was actually given to me… that not only am I on the right path, but I’m meant to go even higher. The juice that contrasts show up because they NEED to.

Why am I sharing this? Because, sister, I know that when a woman moves through her darkest moments, she awakens on the other side. She awakens to her truth, her power, her yes’s and her no’s.

In all your messiness, through mistakes and all… you are worthy, lovable, and a queen.

Can you recall a time when your crown fell off, and you came out better for it? What was your silver lining? Share with me your story below!


Dr. Liz

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