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It is my mission and purpose to create a tribe of women who are empowered through their commitment to turn-on, pleasure and joy.

Thank you, Dr. Liz.

 I am so grateful for everything you've done to help me become this woman I'm proud to be.


Dr. Liz is a lively, entertaining, magnetic presenter who ignites female audiences to actualize their potential. She inspires women to trust in themselves, find their inner creatrix, and use their emotions to catapult their lives into the extraordinary. By getting women connected with their innate genius, they claim new ways of experiencing life that deliver more joy, optimism, and enthusiasm.

"Nothing gives me more pleasure than witnessing women awaken to their glory."

  • What is Turn-On & How to Live It

  • Emotions: The Feminine Superpower

  • Why You Are a Perfect Match for an Extraordinary Life

  • Magnetizing the Quantum Field

  • Pleasure as Personal Power

  • Your Greatest Asset: YOU

  • Leadership from the Feminine

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